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Nalebinding Instructions

     Nålebinding is a Scandinavian needle art, similar to knitting. Unlike knitting, a nåleginding can only be done with short lengths of yarn, of 18 to 36 inches, because you have to draw all of your yarn through each loop. The lengths will then be joined together as necessary by splicing or knotting. All the stitches shown in the instructions are done loosely for clarification.

     Stitches can be described using "U" for under, "O" for over and "/" for the point in the path where the yarn switches from moving deeper into the previous stitches to moving back out towards the edge of the work. Two examples are shown below with a "O/UO" stitch on the left and the "UU/OOO" stitch on the right

Basic Stitching:

     To learn the basics start with a straight row of stitching using the O/UO pattern. Start by making a loop in the yarn

     With the loose end of the yarn to the right, put the needle through the loop from the front, over the lower part of the loop. Then under the upper part of the loop and over the loose end of the yarn.
          Repeat the stitches going to the left over the lower part of the loop, then turning right, under the upper part of the loop and over the loose end of the yarn. Notice you are following the pattern described as O/UO.
    Make sure your loops stay flat and in the same direction. Tighten your loops to the desired size (loose loops are used in diagrams for clarification). Continue making stitches until desired length is obtained. Below is a diagram of a row of stitches.
Stitching in a Circle:

     Start with a loop of yarn for a foundation for your stitches.

     Make a stitch using the O/UO pattern, but go through the foundation loop from the front to back, before making your first stitch.
     Make a second stitch, again going through the foundation loop from the front to back, then work the rest of the stitch, going over-under-over your previous stitch. This is the process you will also use for picking up the previous row.
     After you have a few stitches on the foundation loop, pull the end to tighten the foundation loop.

     Continue your stitches, but this time instead of picking up the foundation loop, pick up a loop from the first row of stitches.

     To increase the number of stitches, make two stitches into one stitch from the previous row.

     To decrease the number of stitches, make one stitch and pick up two stitches from the previous row.

 Advanced Stitches:

     Advanced stitches you may want to try are UO/UOO (below left), UU/OOO (below right), and UOO/UUOO (below bottom).



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