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Stickweaving Instructions.

Thought to have been brought to Europe by the Crusaders, weaving sticks were also used by Early American settlers.

Stick weaving is very versatile. You can use as few as two sticks or as many as you desire to weave the width you like. You can weave flat or in a circle (for a tube). The weaving sticks fit in your pocket so you can take your weaving with you anywhere you go.

Weaving sticks can vary in width and length. a 5/16" weaving stick is easy for learning, whereas a 1/4" weaving stick will give a finer weave.

     Cut your warp (lengthwise) yarn at least twice the length needed for your weaving plus the ends desired (tassels, braids, etc.) Draw the end of your warp yarn through the hole in the end of the stick to the mid point of these strands. Pull the ends even and tie the ends of the doubled warp yarns into a knot. Repeat this step on each stick you will use. The warp will not be seen unless it is used for fringe on the ends of your project.
Line up your sticks side by side in your hand. If you are holding a lot of sticks, then it is easier to hold them in a U-shape in your hand while you are weaving. Tie one end of the weft (the crosswise weaving) yarn to the first stick. Start wrapping yarn (the weft) over stick 1, under stick 2, over stick 3, and so on in a over/under process. Wrap the weft around the last stick, then under and over (the opposite of the previous row) until you are back at the starting point. Pull the yarn taut at the end of each row.
If you want to weave a tube, use an odd number of sticks. When your weave gets to the last stick, continue weaving with the first stick as your next stick. You will be weaving in a circle instead of back and forth.
   As the weaving gets to the pointed end of the stick, don't try to push the material off the end of the stick with the warp. Take each stick and twirl it gently, while pulling it forward. Do this about 1/2" at a time. In the process the beginning of your weaving will slide onto your warp threads.

Continue weaving, adjusting the spacing on the warp as necessary, until you reach the length you need for your project. To finish, tie the end around the last stick. Gently twirl each stick, while pulling it forward, until all of your weaving is on the warp threads and you have enough warp thread for your finished ends.

     Tie the warp threads to one another across each of the weaving. Finish off the ends by braiding, tying, making tassels, weaving the warp back into the  weave, or connecting a buckle or other item
Shown is a finished vary simple basic belt done for demonstration. Create a flat belt, sash, or necklace. Weave a circular tube and close the end to create a small purse. Attach them together to make larger items such as afghans, blankets, pillows, rugs, or wall hangings.



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